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At only 34 years old, I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for 6 years. In these years like many others, the real obstacle is the first months, during which we do not understand what happens to us. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed by elimination of other possible pathologies, so go through a number of professionals who tell us “we have nothing.” When finally the diagnosis falls, after more than a year and a half of pain without answer, I was relief to finally know the answer and know what I can do about it. Since then, it’s a jagged path, with moments of distress and pain, but also they were some great victories and satisfactions, as I try to convey it through my Blog.

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The first thing to do is to work on your diet, as with any disease, by the way, some psychiatrists advise, in depression, the consultation of a nutritionist, because there are simple gestures to learn, in order not to interfere with the functioning of serotonin in the brain, also not to favour the pains of all types, which the fibromyalgia meets, in terms of digestion, intestines, sweating, dryness of the skin, any unpleasant feeling that will be experienced seven to ten times more painful than for any ‘normal’ person. It is a natural method

When sleep, think about the pace that is imposed, the respect of the sleep cycle, the night is made to sleep.

find the compromise of bedding that will allow you to properly distribute the pressures of the body, the touch of the fabric, the clothes that are worn, etc … These are natural methods.

omega-3 (oily fish, rapeseed oil, chia seeds) and vitamin D are essential nutrients to treat fibromyalgia, magnesium remains the most important of them, according to specialists. Without it, the cells can not receive fuel and it is precisely chronic fatigue and muscle pain that damage the daily lives of patients. These disorders can be relieved by supplementation in the form of an attack phase to be considered with your doctor.

Change Your Lifestyle Through A Spa Treatment

Following a special treatment in thalassotherapy provides a good basis for changing your lifestyle. Around 30 establishments currently offer stays specially dedicated to the disease. Among them, the Thermes d’Allevard in the Isère specialized in the reception of these patients with sessions combining mind-body disciplines such as sophrology, meditation, sweating (Japanese sauna), stress management ( light therapy and music therapy) and rheumatology.

Express Your Emotions

The pain and symptoms in fibromyalgia patients are strongly emotionally related due to a central nervous system disorder. The pain centers that accompany patients most often offer psychological follow-up. In this regard, an American doctor, Howard Schubiner, director of the Mind Body Medicine Program at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan, has developed a promising approach based on the expression of emotions and the lifting of certain resistances: “Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy “(EAET, literally therapy through awareness and expression of emotions). The first results published in Pain in December show that the program relieved about a third of the patients who were followed for six months.

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