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The person suffering from persistent pain caused by fibromyalgia often finds themselves in the vicious circle: physical inactivity – physical deconditioning – pain.

Reducing or even stopping all physical activity leads to a decrease in physical and psychological capacities.

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In order to resume physical activity or increase your activity level, you should choose an appropriate physical activity (gradual and regular effort, ad-hoc recovery) with regard to your abilities.

These physical activities will aim to improve physical condition (gentle muscle strengthening, nordic walking, swimming, exercise bike, etc.) And to provide calm and relaxation for better stress management (relaxation, tai chi, qi gong) .

Home Bikes

Also known as a stationary bike, this type of training also takes care of your joints. It is one of the most used tools (and for a long time) by physiotherapists, you are not without knowing it if you have already experienced knee injuries.

On this account, as part of a rehabilitation, semi-recumbent bikes are undoubtedly the best for people who return from injuries (or seniors), offering better back support.

As with walking, intensity matters when it comes to cycling.

If you want to increase the intensity, go to a spinning class where you will quickly understand your pain with interval sessions …

Be careful however if you are a perfect beginner not used to this kind of intense effort. You can just as easily do interval training at home, whether in hiit or tabata format.

The best exercise bikes also integrate these types of programs directly into their consoles.

Cycling (indoors or out) remains one of the best low-impact cardiovascular workouts you can do with swimming.

However, note that it is easier to get an exercise bike than a pool with swimming lanes!

Aqua Gym

Doing aerobics in water will burn your muscles very effectively thanks to the resistance of water but without tiring your joints too much and without feeling too much effort. It’s a great way to sculpt your figure gently and have a good time!

Recovery Training With The Foam Roller

Remember to give your body enough time to recover! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, rest is just as important as the training itself. If you constantly exercise your body without giving it time to regenerate and repair the muscles, it will no longer be able to overcome more difficult workouts and your performance will suffer! Try this training with a foam roller to soothe your muscles and relax your body.

Knee Stability Training

Professional athletes must pay particular attention to their body and listen to it. Nicole trimmel, several times world and european champion of kick-boxing shows us her best exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs to better stabilize the knees and the trunk. Balance and stability training is absolutely essential, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Do it with us!

Gardening Is An Underestimated And Healthy Physical Activity

Going for a walk in the garden with a straw hat and a dibber: what a funny exercise! And yet research shows that gardening promotes health, regardless of your age. Depending on the energy you put into it, caring for the garden can be an exercise comparable to kayaking, rowing or weightlifting. Researchers, under the supervision of exercise physiologist barbara ainsworth, phd, from the university of minnesota, have found that raising or trimming the hedge requires as much energy as ping pong and boarding. Casters; more demanding tasks – cutting the grass with a lawnmower or digging – require almost as much effort as the exercise staircase; finally, gardening stretches several muscles and thus helps to soften them.

In short, gardening could very well be the perfect exercise: it strengthens the heart, stimulates circulation and drives away stress. It is also a perfect activity for young and old since we work at its own pace. Not to mention that it improves your table menu inexpensively.

Is it tempting? Remember: gardening is really an exercise; it works muscles that you hardly know exist. First, a little warm-up: walk quickly in the garden and stretch your arms, back, neck and legs before you get to work for good. Then stop every once in a while and do some stretching exercises.

To pull out the weeds, do not lean forward. Squat or kneel, if necessary on a pillow or cushion. To straighten up, bend your knees, keep your back straight, do not twist your upper body.

As you get better, do more demanding tasks like spreading mulch or turning over compost.

Why do gardening?

It is a cure, both physical and mental. Maintaining your garden calmly takes you away from your worries and breaks with the incessant rhythm of life. The serenity of the outdoors strengthens the immune system.

it’s a real exercise. Gardening is especially popular with people who see no point in exercising just to burn calories.

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